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Youtube Marketing :

What is YouTube marketing?

YouTube marketing is the process of promoting your brand, product or service on YouTube. Primarily, there are three ways marketers use YouTube:

Create original videos:
YouTube is primarily a video hosting platform. Publishing high-quality videos is key to succeeding on the platform.

Partner with influencers: There’s a reason brands spent over $600 million on YouTube

influencer marketing in 2021. The platform is an excellent place to work with creators and build credibility in your niche.

Run video ads:
70% of consumers say they’ve bought a product after seeing it on YouTube. Running ads on the platform can deliver high returns for your brand.



A Best friend, Business Partner, dynamic personality. Independently grown up his business.

Sumit Udaygiri

Amol helps his clients in aligning their Social/Digital Media Strategies with Business Goals. He is an expert of Social Media Marketing. be it LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram. His take on strategy is holistic and works very professionally to make it happen. He explains the concepts & ideas in a very simple way. Indeed a great Digital Marketing consultant.

Sachin Deshpande

Amol.. is Digital Marketing Expert. Always keep updated knowledge /skills- like , writing engaging and meaningful content, knowledge about SEO, SEM,SMO. Effective handling all tools of Social Media marketing. Having analytical mind-can effective implement various tools - to reach/engage/ Call to action for target customer by building brand image .

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