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Facebook Marketing :

What is Facebook marketing?

Facebook marketing is the act of promoting a business and its products/services on Facebook via a business page. By fully optimizing your business page, brands can create a second website of sorts, even making sales directly on Facebook.

While newer platforms like Instagram and TikTok improve overall viral potential, Facebook is still a good home base for many businesses—plus its ad platform is one of the most sophisticated of its kind. With the ability to create various Facebook post types (i.e., photos, carousels, videos, links), create a shop and advertise products and services

directly to your target audience, you don’t want to sleep on Facebook.

Creating a Facebook business page is easy:
  • Head to Facebook.com and log into your personal account
  • Click the menu icon in the top navigation bar
  • Click Page under the Create menu
  • Input your business name and information
  • Brand the Page with your logo, a cover photo and other pertinent information

  • Increasing the overall quality of your sales:
    Improving the quality of sales starts with better targeting. You reach your target audience more efficiently through a well-planned Facebook marketing strategy. Test various targeting options to see which generates the best results.

    Adding more value to the organization:
    Facebook can help you nurture customers, improve awareness and provide more resources to your audience. Make Facebook your go-to source of information, essentially creating a second website by adding all pertinent details about your business, building your social media store and more.

    Better pulse on the industry:
    Are your competitors always one step ahead? With the help of social media listening tools, you can track, listen to and report on all social conversations revolving around you, your competitors or the industry.

    More efficient recruiting:
    Social recruiting is only growing in popularity as social media sites like Facebook can be a great source for increasing recruiting efforts and reaching top talent faster. Facebook also allows you to create job listings that make it even easier to find top talent.

    Smarter growth:
    Reducing churn, limiting spend and increasing acquisition are all parts of a successful business, and Facebook can help you in each of these areas. Whether it’s through ad spend, increased targeting or more social selling, addressing your Facebook marketing strategy can help you get closer to these goals.

    Tracking progress:
    Of course, making sure you’re on pace to accomplish these goals is essential, and with a tool like Sprout, you can easily keep tabs on all your Facebook reporting such as displayed in the picture below.



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